Friday, September 07, 2007

Death of the Heart (and a couple of Spades)

In my uni course I'm reading Roland Barthes 'Death of the Author'.

The 2 of splits

Meaning is made in the seeing not in the drawing.

The 3 of hopping

It's all in the context of the seeing.

The 3 of thought bubbles

Truthfully, I can't tell you these aren't Hearts and Spades.


Linda said...

The backs are as fantastic as the fronts of these cards. What a wonderful project!

Walter Logeman said...

Yes, wonderful project. Interesting idea that meaning is made by the beholder. I am blogging thoughts about that as well. (see the ones after the one you commented on - thanks for that interest BTW).

Yes I can play with the meaning, but I think the work also focuses me, so that I can't go too far, otherwise we would not need art at all.