Monday, February 05, 2007

*Warning* This post contains product names!

If you are sensitive to product names DO NOT READ ON. (Scroll down and see if there is something you missed earlier - you'll enjoy that.)

I dooooo love my coffee. I do, I do, I do love my coffee.
instant = yuck
plunger = not my fav
drip filter = also not my fav
perculator = do I have to say it again?
espresso = technical difficulties to the max
(I'm no barista.)
Nespresso machine! A perfect cup of coffee everytime! (See Nespresso, I'm not holding that one bad batch of 'Roma' against you! I know manufacturing is not an exact science!) A PERFECT cup EVERY time! It's a miracle! My day job is such that I cannot buy a coffee during the day. I don't drink it after work. I'm not organised enough to be ready early enough to buy one before as it would mean an extra trip. So now I have a stunning coffee at breakfast and my highly practical Thermos flask of coffee for morning tea. Not ideal, but soooooo much better than drinking the International Roast at work!!!


AnastasiaC said...

I see you are as obsessed with coffee as I am....never ever have instant
Life is too short for bad coffee

Casey said...

You've done a beautiful drawing of your coffee machine, it makes we want a cup..

Anonymous said...

Jan you are not 250!! Cheers Eileen from OA