Wednesday, January 17, 2007

...and now for something completely different!

This is a version of a tattoo image I've been using lately in some prints. This one, however, has been drawn in The Scribbler. Stroll or click over there and enjoy a bit of fun. I'm going to add the link to my sidebar under 'frivolity'! I found this through Janey's Journey. (I hope you know Janey and have bought some of her brilliant work through her Etsy shop. Buy now! Before she is too famous for us to afford! - I did!)

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janey said...

Well isn't that a nice plug. Thank you! And you've discovered the Scribbler. Isn''t it fun. I drew a few and copied my own work which I posted which is a rather strange feeling. But it does make you think about what exactly is art? The results of the Scribble are not just fun they're really good. Though I do suppose what you put in says alot about what you get out.