Sunday, June 07, 2009

Um, what have you been doing?

I was 'busy.'

OK, prove it. What have you been 'busy' doing?

Um. Well. Lots of things really.

This is all very fascinating but do you think you could spice it up a bit for the readers?

I'd really like to talk about someone else, if you don't mind. Yesterday I met lots of lovely local artists and crafts people. I was lucky enough to be asked to speak at a Marketing and Networking Forum at Bellingen. We all had a great day. I'd like to talk about the people I met there!

Like who?

Well, Ashley Johnston was one of the other speakers. He is a local and international street artist and has now opened his own studio gallery. He was fascinating! You can see his work on Big City Freaks website. He uses Snarl as his street name (I don't know if he wants me to say 'tag' so I won't. There seems to be a lot of rules.)
Like what?

Apparently if one was just starting out doing a bit of graffiti here and tagging there, one would NEVER spray over the work of a better or more experienced artist (better, more experienced = respect). Apparently if one did there would be 'consequences.' The nature of these consequences were not disclosed.

Damn. I really wanted to know!

Yeah, me too. Maybe you could ask him when you visit his gallery. Head off to corner of Vernon and Duke Streets Coffs Harbour on a Wednesday or Saturday and Ashley will entertain you with delightful paintings of birds (Willy Wagtails are my favourite birds too) and other works on canvas with a graffiti flavour. And you can see his graffiti on the outside of the building too, or in 'Snarl Lane' nearby. Tell him I sent you.

Sounds like a really interesting day. Who else did you meet?

I met Jane Wilson, another local artist with more usual art practise than Ashley's, but no less an impressive one! The thing I particularly love about Jane's work is the range of her subject matter, from mandarines to the nude and from self portraits to landscapes. If you are near Bellingen you can see her work currently on exhibition in the Federal Hotel.
And the others?
There were lots! My friend Annie Matheson travelled out with me and supported me in that little rush of nerves just before I started speaking by giving me a couple of squirts under my tongue with a herbal remedy that really helped! She is such an inspiration in so many ways. I must have been able to inspire her for once because she rushed home afterwards and started adding more artwork to her Etsy shop. Now that is the kind of reaction I was after!

What were you speaking about at the forum?

I was showing off Etsy and DUST (the Down Under Street Team of Etsy). I showed how the Etsy site works, how easy it is to use and that it doesn't require a large outlay of money to get started. I also really wanted to show them the DUST team because it has been such a help to me personally over the last year or so and such a wonderful group to be involved in. I'm hoping that soon we will have a strong North Coast contingent in the NSW section of the forum. That's my goal!

What did they think about Etsy etc?

I'm pretty sure they enjoyed my talk, I know I got lots of questions which was great! I could really only give them a taste of it in the time I had, but I'll be sending them a list of links I've done up to help them get started. I'd say most of the people there hadn't heard of Etsy before yesterday. While the website it growing hugely I think it shows the potential of it's future growth. If we can all tell another 20 or so people who haven't heard of Etsy, well, that will be a great boost for makers from all over the world, because really, who can resist buying stuff off Etsy!?

I know I can't!

No, me neither!

One last question, when did you decide to take talking to yourself to the next level and start interviewing yourself?

It wasn't a conscious decision. It is something that just evolved. I quite like it though. I think I might ask you some questions next time, when I get the links to the other lovely artists I met. OK?



Carol said...

I loved your interview and was most interested to look at DUST which I hadn't heard of before. If I ever get my act together again I'll join Etsy and maybe you'll have me on DUST but that's a way off. I'm progressing at snail's pace at getting my move over and my life back to normal.

benconservato said...

Nice one Jan!
Well done.

Shirley said...

Fun interview - please do more!

Leanne Lonergan said...

Jan..I am kicking myself. I was up your way last week! We could have had a mini Dust meetup!Glad your talk went well.

Chrisy said...

Really enjoyed the way you structured this post...and well done for spreadin the word on etsy and dust...

Jan Allsopp said...

Carol, we would welcome you to DUST with open arms and bells on! Great to hear from you. Settle in well and then join us!

Emma, Shirley and Chrisy thanks! I had fun writing it!

Leanne, I'd kick you too if I was closer! Next time make sure you let me know, OK!?

Leanne Lonergan said...

I will Jan...I promise!

Cath from chunkychooky said...

sounds like it went really well Jan. Feel free to pass on my email if any locals want some help with Etsy.

kyles said...

Hey hey Jan...lovin the interview technique there! Our paths keep crossing here, see you met my friend Snarly...he is absolutely fabulous and sooo talented and a wonderful Dad as well :) Seems our world is getting smaller, we should get together and do 6 degrees of we could most of the coast! Glad your presentation went well xo