Thursday, December 11, 2008


Recently I found a link on someone's blog and had my interest sparked enough to click on it. It led me to my first ever ebook purchase. I've always had an ambivalence about ebooks. I mean if they were any good they'd be published as a proper book, wouldn't they? Well this book has led me to rethinking that little piece of logic! It is a true gem.

Written by Nick Cernis, Todoodlist is what it claims - a way to make life simple again. In fact, so simple you will slap your own forehead and say 'duh!' when you read it. Well, at least that is what I did. Nick has created the perfect way to write and use a 'to do' list.

Easy to create and most importantly I believe, easy to refer back to. My problem was always that I had to get my to do list out, read through it to find what it was I'd done so I could cross it off, read through it again to choose what to do next and then repeat this process once that was done. Too much time retracing steps there for me to embrace the idea longer than a day or two. With Todoodlist I can just look at my list and see what's done and the next action in a split second.

And I don't have to rewrite it every day. I found with traditional 'to do' lists that once I'd crossed a few things off the list the power of the list was diluted purely because I had to look even harder to discern that there was still that one little thing to do squashed in a long list of checked off items. I often missed it and thought I was done. Or I had to find the time to rewrite my list every day. Let me just say I am not that type of girl!

I'm not the only one who thinks this is the best way to get things done either. I showed the technique to my daughter, who is a 'to do' list junky already, and she was blown away with the simplicity of it and has used it every day since with glee. She even reminds me to todoodlist if she thinks I've forgotten!

It is changing my disorganised and frequently chaotic life into something I have a handle of. Dare I say it? It is giving me more spare time! And that's just the first part of the book. I'm now going on to the Sudoku calendar!!! I think I'm going to get a little zealous about all this.

Click here to view more details of Todoodlist. I really think we are going to need a Flickr group for this!

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