Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Printsy Treasury

I just got my first Etsy Treasury! I names it 'indelibly stamped'. It was actually easy to do and I must say quite a lot of fun to fill. What is a Treasury? Etsy members can make up a page of items they love, and theming them is pretty standard. There are few rules with the only real one being that you cannot self-promote. I have always thought it was a nice and friendly idea to have in a shop environment and it is one of the things that originally started me thinking "...actually Etsy is pretty cool".

And who are these talented Printsy team members? Printsy is one of the Etsy 'Street Teams', another Etsy idea that brings its shopkeepers together in a communal and beneficial way. Printsy team is for artists who create original fine art prints using linocut, woodcut, silkscreen etc techniques and who have an Etsy shop to sell them in. I feel privileged to be included in the team. See more of them here on Etsy, on Flickr and the blog.

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