Friday, May 09, 2008

Goodbye Mr Wells

I always feel a little bit dodgy about self promotion.  But this wonderful book I made has just sold from my Etsy shop, so now I feel OK about saying why I think it is so great!

It's over 80 years old, a copy of HG Wells "A Short History of the World".  Because it has so much character (what 80 year old doesn't!?) I left the endpapers intact when I rebound it. The original owners name and address still appears. For a bit of fun I added a small envelope made from a discarded page and added a Little Shop of Horus card library-card style.

I put some of the original pages, including some maps, back into the book when I rebound it with a mix of watercolour papers.  I added a ribbon page marker.  They are so useful, and it looks so nice matching the cover.

A nice mix of new and old, interesting lists of Mr Wells' other titles were printed.  And someone had carefully hidden a newspaper cutting inside the back cover.  I was careful to make sure it is still kept there - as I'm sure the new owner will too.  

By the way, the new owner agrees with me that these are the perfect journals - this is the second one she's bought from my Etsy shop!


dinahmow said...

Lovely! I had a copy of this book once. Perhaps it, too, will one day turn up to be re-vamped by an artist?

Jan said...

I hope it's me that gets the opportunity to revamp your book, dinahmow! I just love doing it!