Monday, May 14, 2007

Janey got me

Yep, I been tagged. I'm not really a tag type but for Janey I'd do (just about) anything.
1. List 7 random facts/habits about yourself.
2. Choose another 7 bloggers to tag and list their names in your blog.
3. Leave your 7 tagged bloggers comments to notify them of their tagging and to direct them to your blog for tag instructions.
1. I'm addicted to coffee. I've long suffered from the eternal curse of the quest-for-a-perfect-cup-of-coffee syndrome. I have recently gained relief from the curse with my Nespresso machine (a perfect cup every time!) but it has done nothing to help the addiction.
2. I don't have any piercings or tattoos, which these days is a slightly unusual.
3. I have never mowed a lawn in my life.
4. I'm afraid of grasshoppers.
5. I'm an incurable Johnny Depp fan. I have a special section in my DVD collection. My latest addition is "Cry Baby" which I'd heard was crap but bought anyway. I love it! It is a wonderful spoof musical, all very tongue in cheek.
6. My favourite author is John Irving. If I find out someone I meet loves his books too, then I will love them as a dear dear friend and equal. I think anyone who doesn't love his books is crazy.
7. I love stationery. I need a minder in a stationery shop and I am unable to go past one without going in, just to look at the pencil cases (I love clear plastic best) and pens (I think I own every pen there is).

OK, who to tag?
1. Jade at spectrescope. Jade is one of the most exciting Australian artists I've seen in a long time.
2. Alison at scribbles adagio. Alison is another fabulous Aussie who creates to most charming interesting memory paintings of her interesting and sometimes surprisingly familiar childhood.
3. Hawk over at Pile of Index Cards should be interesting. His passion for stationery exceeds my own and visiting his blog is always interesting enlightening and a little confusing. I'm trying to understand Hawk!
4. Ty in Wales over at chasingtigers for another male perspective on this whole tagging business and some great sketches.
5. Ronell over at Africantapestry should also be interesting to ask. She lives in France.
6. And Linda at Quotidian Curiosities is another blogger who posts great drawings and paintings and is now tagged!
7. And I'm going to give Rob a go over at Sumosays. He always amazes me by the apparent amount of time he puts into his work. Check out what he as done with The Empire Strikes Back!

And on another matter, I haven't updated for a while and I will be a while longer before I post my latest pic for Eric Maisel's Ten Zen Seconds incantations. I'm sick and taking it easy until I'm better. In the mean time enjoy this Paris scene I drew adding myself to it!


shirley said...

I LOVE John Irving novels!! All except his first, Setting Free the Bears, which I tried to read several times and even have 2 copies of it. I haven't read the newest and would love a review from you - if you did.

Africantapestry said...

I'll see to it we'll never have coffee toghether..I can just see two lunatics running down the street in overdrive! But I'll take you along to see a Johny Depp movie...
Great to get to know a little of you.
Thanks for thinking I might be interesting..

E-J said...

Johnny Depp and John Irving ... yes, and yes!!

ksklein said...

I love John Irving too! ;)

janey said...

You inspired me. I replied to your 7 randoms with 7 more of my own in response to yours. Blame it on a sugar high.

janey said...

James Marsters was Spike the Vampire in love with Buffy the Slayer - very Wagnerian, very Greek tradegy kind of stuff. And besides, he was always 1/2 naked. You mean there's another human powered mower out there? I have to tell my friend. In high school I discovered all the used bookstores in NY. There were dozens of them all over lower Manhattan. Sadly all gone now. That's where I learned to love to read, not in school. I hate being told what to do (oops there's another random thing about me) so I never enjoyed reading what I was told to read in school. I like grasshoppers because they're green. And very sciency fictiony looking insects. I like the X files too - the stories are ok but it's the relationship between Mulder and Skully. Remember the scene where they get in the car and he says he'll drive and she says why is that Mulder? Why do you always get to drive? Maybe because you're little legs can't reach the gas pedal.

I can feel myself winding down now. I think the sugar is wearing off.

Emma Pod said...

Hello - I linked to your blog from Ronell's. A friend of mine also has a Nespresso machine and it makes the BEST coffee! I also like John Irving and stationery (and cards and office supplies, etc). It's nice to read about you.

Linda said...

Oh, I was going to say how I loved John Irving (I assume you mean of Garp fame) and Johnny Depp, then I read Janey talking about James Marsters ... sigh. I've answered your tag! ;-)

Linda said...

:-D And it's all true! Really!

Jade said...

Jan you are too kind! Will be doing my tagging shortly.
Love the Paris drawing, and your floppy disk drawing is fantastic! Hope you are feeling better soon.