Thursday, April 06, 2006

Annual Flu Injection

Annual flu injection...note to self...remember the side effects!!! Posted by Picasa

I drew this in the middle of the night last night when I couldn't sleep because the palm of my left hand was on fire and itching unbearably!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I've been and had a look
Love some of the life drawings

mw said...

Sorry to continue the conversation here, but didn't want to assume you'd be back to mine. We are framing my husband's photos. The sketches were just for me for fun.
Also - Do people always ask if you watch family ties? I hope my daughter doesn't spend her life defending the name!

Sioux said...

Neat drawing. I never take the shot anymore...they always make me sick.

mw said...

Only had one flu shot and I still got sick a ton that year.

Your daughter is right, the name means unlucky. I searched and searched until I found another meaning in a name book. You can tell her it also derived from the French "to be delivered"

Anonymous said...

Hi, MW (sorry, not sure of your real name) - I'm Jan's daughter Mallory and yes, while it means unlucky I have found some other meanings. In Old English it means "the mailed" (as in chain mail) and in German it means "war council"

And yes, I get asked all the time if it's from Family Ties. Still love the name though :) Say hi to your daughter for me